Genre/Category: Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror

Director: Peter Daskaloff

Producer: Ken Del Conte

Writer: Ken Del Conte

Production Company: 1st Command Productions

Country: USA

Budget: $0.2M (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: September, 1999

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Cast: Robert Balderson (TV Mash), Lou Wagner, and Ken Del Conte.

Press Kit: Very interesting plot how two girl con-thieves …. a Serial killer and a Vigilante, their paths cross in an interesting way that surprises even them!!!!! Three stories merge into one—- like the leaves of an artichoke. The leaves strip off until we see the various crippled lives of two female con-thieves, an insane serial killer and a Greek Vigilante who does not “suffer fools”. The film evolves into a “different” love story between two unlikely but likable characters.