Genre/Category: Action, Adventure, Drama, Family

Director: Ken Del Conte

Producer: Hector Echarria

Writer: Ken Del Conte

Production Company: 1st Command Productions

Country: USA

Budget: $300K (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: August, 2012

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Cast: Robert Miano, Robert Balderson, Ron Hector Rogge, Cela Scott, Yolanda Pecoraro, Sean Galuszka, and Magdalene Mills.

Press Kit: A Mystical Love Story with lots of action…… on the Mexican Border. A Mexican girl is chased by Corrupt Border Patrol. On entering Arizona from Mexico, Christina’s parents are killed and she escapes. Who is the stranger that saves her life? Interesting to find out who is that person that she owes the rest of her life to!!!!!!!! Find out…..