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Precious Hilton – Producer, Exec-Producer, Distributor & Actress

Biography and Pertinent Information

Precious Hilton, branded as “The Power-House Celebrity Woman,” is a cutting-edge, up-and-coming power-house producer, executive producer, and distributor. She is changing the landscape of production and distribution. It is clearly described on her IMDb page and her production and distribution website: www.HiltonEntertainmentGroup.com.
Precious is a professional actress, a well-established film producer, executive producer, and film distributor.

Hilton Entertainment Group, LLC (HEG)

Early Accomplishments

Movie Maker Magazine featured her on 2/18/2014, which was well received in the entertainment industry with loads of feedback for a very informative and intelligent article on film production and film distribution.

She and her production and distribution company – Hilton Entertain Group, were also featured on PRWeb on April 17, 2014, partnered with 2Way TV LLC to distribute celebrity documentaries digitally. These include Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and the iconic Nelson Mandela. Precious was also featured in another high-end and high-profile magazine – CHURN, in September 2015. There she tells the story of her life and how she became so deeply involved in acting, film production, and film distribution from a third-world country (her story has to be told).

Success in Film Distribution & Production

Precious has been involved long enough in the entertainment industry and has dabbled in all areas of moving making to be recognized as a knowledgeable and successful producer, executive producer, distributor, and actress. She has gained many title credits in various areas in movie production and distribution. Due to her well-established career and her movie-making involvement, she is well recognized in the entertainment industry. Although very busy, she is still open to any new project with an iconic and recognized name, history, and character. Her performance in the entertainment arena garnered her as knowledgeable, talented, and passionate about her projects. It has also driven her to see all her projects to fruition on time.


She just completed a psychological thriller/horror movie – Reunion, that is receiving rave reviews. Precious and her company have earned seven credits in this production, including producer, executive producer, production manager, location manager, editing supervisor, actress, and distributor.

Her other feature films include Darling Nikki, Blue Dream, American Nudist, Violent Blue, and the Last Gamble. These are just some of her accomplishments as a producer, executive producer, distributor, and actress.

Precious Hilton Charity

Precious is the founder of the charity Hilton More L.O.V.E. Foundation: Love for Others Vision and Empowerment. It is a registered non-profit 501(C) (3), tax-exempt public interest, human service community benefit charitable organization.

The Mission

The mission is: celebrating lives by reaching out to the homeless and those in need to restore, improve, and enhance their lives quality. It accomplishes its mission through programs, services, food drives, and activities designed to guide, counsel, educate, support, and refer to appropriate resources for discerning needy individuals. We believe, together, we will make a difference in their lives and to the community, one person at a time and the world a better place.

Hilton Entertainment Group, LLC (HEG)

Know More About Precious Hilton

For more on this power-house woman, feel free to google her, check her IMDb page, and her websites - personal and business.

Personal website

Entertainment website

Charity website

Also, check her social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Our Values

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Our Aim

  • To provide unique and high-quality entertainment to a diverse and discerning audience.
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