Genre/Category: Action, Adventure, Horror, International, Thriller, World Wide

Director: Roberto Gomez Martin

Producer: Austin Vernon, Malcolm Martin, and Max Fletcher

Writer: Dave Courtney and Malcolm Martin

Production Company: Hilton Entertainment Group

Country: United Kingdom

Budget: $0.1M(US$)

DVD Release Date: August, 2012

Running Time: 87 Minutes

Cast: Robert Dave Courtney, Billy Murray, Terry ‘Turbo’ Stone, Jimmy Kent, Dave Legeno, and Helen Keating.

Press Kit: Cross the British Mob and the Blood will Flow!!!!!!!!!  Dave Malone, a street-tough gangster, gets set-up by his own brother to murder a rival crime boss.  Wise to the scheme he emiminates the competition and then masterminds a way to beat the murder rap, while beginning his overthrow of the lucrative London crime trade.  In the end it’s a brother-against-brother standoff and for one there will be hell to pay.