Genre/Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, World Wide

Director: Eugene Baldovino

Producer: David A. Lockhart, Ivan Hopkinson, and Brandy Jones

Writer: Eugene Baldovino

Production Company: Ground Down Productions

Country: USA

Budget: $400K (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: July 12, 2011

Running Time: 80 Minutes

Cast: Elina Madison, Anthony Ray Parker, Tabitha Taylor, and Hawk Younkins.

Press Kit: After an encounter with a deranged Zombie and the sexy Lesbian Vampire Double Delicious, Minty, our comic book superhero, may now fall prey to her biggest Fanboy, Dr. Brian Bender. Minty The Assassin is called to duty once again. This time, she must save her beloved Sensei before he is blown to bits. It’s a race against time! Minty’s only chance to rescue him is to face-off with comic book villains that are all obsessed with two things: revenge and to strip Minty naked.

It’s superhero-meets-comic book villains in this live-action fantasy film with sexy super vixens, crazy ninja and freaky mutants. It’s a nerdcore cult film with elements that will please all the comic fanboys all over the world.