Genre/Category: Adventure, Science Fiction

Director: Huw Bowen

Producer: Huw Bowen and Chris Pinches

Writer: Paul Hardy

Production Company: Entanglement Productions

Country: United Kingdom

Budget: £50,000 (estimated)

DVD Release Date: 2011

Running Time: 86 minutes

Cast: Abigail Tarttelin, Damian Hayes, Al Convy, Amelia Tyler, Stephen Steinhaus, and Tony Holmes.

Press Kit: Three-parallel universes collide when a scientist, Rebecca Hunter, conducts an illegal experiment in time travel. She soon discovers three doors are now open to parallel universes – present day, past, and a totalitarian nation in an unknown timeline. As her evil fascist self tries to kill her to invade the other universes with an army, the multi-verse begins to unravel and collide. Rebecca must use her sharp intellect and mastery of quantum physics to save the multi‑verse.