Genre/Category: Action, Adventure, Drama,

Director: Ken Del Conte

Producer: Ken Del Conte

Writer: Ken Del Conte

Production Company: 1st Command Productions

Country: USA

Budget: $0.1M (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: July, 2005

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Cast: Robert Miano, Robert Balderson, Ernie Garcia, and Chris Bradely.

Press Kit: She is a new fledgling Cop, straight out of the ACADEMY and the daughter of a former Police Chief in a family of Cops. When she uncovers a malicious plot that harms Kids, the Killers came after her …… the only one to save her is her father. He was a Police Chief and her two brothers are Cops. Her family ties are strong. She uncovers a dirty plot by various well-known Politicians, who will come to her aid otherwise, killers will eliminate her. Many clever surprises in this amazing feature film with a good old-fashioned shoot out at the climax and a strong and interesting saga all the way through the End Titles.