Survivor III (Warrior – Cobra)

Genre/Category: Action, Thriller

Director: Frederic Andre Dupre

Producer: Frederic Andre Dupre

Writer: Frederic Andre Dupre

Production Company: Association Erkon Films Inc.

Country: France

Budget: $0.1M (Estimated)
Release Date: July 30, 2012

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Cast: Frederic A Dupre, Bernadette Alvarez, Michael, Clamant, and Alain Chekkal.

Press Kit: “Warrior” is a French man of special force. With his group, Captain Karl and Karl’s friend Garcia, they must liberate the daughter of French President.
Secretly, Captain Karl’s friend Garcia has a plot to kill the warrior. However, in a struggle victoriously, Warrior killed Garcia instead. Again, five years later !!! another man, Garcia’s brother in revenge, has a plot to kill the hero – Warrior in the forest. The hero – Warrior, is fierce and determined for revenge, which will be Terrible …. Like a COBRA. Very interested to see the actions that follow!!!!