Genre/Category: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller

Director: Tim Russ

Producer: Michael Conrad and James Nestor

Writer: Tim Russ

Production Company: Michael Conrad and James Nesor Productions

Country: USA

Budget: $190K (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: September, 2012

Running Time: 46 Minutes

Cast: James Matthew, Jeffrey Badger, Glenda Wright, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Damen Krall, Sabra Miller, Jeff Rector, Kristin Ulrich, Cody Elliot, Kimberly Stallworth, Edwin Bacon, Michelle Richardson Susan Gilmore, Eric Peter Nelson, Laurie L Robinson, Alejandro Grover, Walter Loenig, Ricard Hatch, and Lanna Wood.

Press Kit: A combination of six series/titles on this film. These include Art Police – No Exit, Andrea, Side 2, Low Tech, Scene 5, Perspectives, War of Heaven. Each title has a very intriguing and realistic story that will definitely blow your mind away. Moreover, very interesting that these titles are all directed by a very well know and respected director in the industry, TIM RUSS (Act and Directed, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men). Be rest assured, you will be mind boggled after watching all six titles in this DVD.