Chasing the Dream

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Genre/Category:  Documentary, Drama

Director: A.J. Shephard

Producer: A.J. Shephard

Writer: A.J. Shephard

Production Comp: Rilo Productions and Hilton Entertainment Group

Country: USA

Budget: $100K (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: February 1, 2010

Running Time: 43 Minutes

Cast: Sajen Corona, Jon S Robbins, and Nick Gaitatjis.

Press Kit: The film expresses the struggles and personal lives of artists and their daily struggles with making one’s dreams a reality within the Entertainment Industry. One actor in particular chooses to market himself as a way to be heard and seen in the business. When the actor decides to choose his career as a full-time passion, suddenly adversity begins to follow his family members and set backs within the Acting Community. However, he vows to continue his fight to the finish.