Skirt Day

Genre/Category: Drama

Director: Jean-Paul Lilienfeld

Producer: Benedicte Lesage and Ariel Askénazi

Writer: Jean-Paul Lilienfeld

Production Company: Mascaret Films and La Sept

Country: France

Budget: $1.5M (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: Jul 15, 2009 

Running Time: 88 Minutes

Cast: Isabelle Adjani, Denis Podalydes, and Yann Collette (“La journee de la jupe”)

Press Kit: Isabelle Adjani plays Sonia Bergerac, a teacher at a tough junior high. Despite the principal’s warnings, she wears a skirt to work. She simply wants to teach her class but the insults are just too much. Scared and taking antidepressants, Sonia finds a gun in a bag belonging to one of her students. She takes her class hostage, so she can finally teach a proper lesson on Moliere.
Skirt Day marks Isabelle Adjani’s fifth César award-winning performance for Best Actress.