Genre/Category: Drama, Thriller

Director: James Avallone

Producer: Gregory Hatanaka, James Avallone, Marcus McDougald, and Dylan Reynolds

Writer: James Avallone

Production Company: Cinema Epoch

Country: USA

Budget: $300K (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: October 12, 2010

Running Time: 84 Minutes

Cast: Tiffany Bowyer, James Duval, Rob Terrell, and Jesse Hlubik.

Press Kit: Stephanie is a popular girl in her neighborhood of Venice Beach, California. So who’d want to kill her? When her estranged father, Detective Steve Lambord, investigates her death, he discovers a closet full of videotapes, each one featuring his daughter with a different man in compromising positions. Digging deeper into the mystery, he discovers a girl he barely knew, unearths secrets he never wanted to confront. The truth strikes close to home.