Genre/Category: Children Animation , Family, World Wide – 3D

Director: Art Clokey

Producer: Art Clokey, Gloria Clokey, and Kevin Reher

Writer: Art Clokey & Gloria Clokey

Production Company: Clokey Films (PD) & Premavision Productions (PD)

Country: USA

Budget: $2.8M (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: December 1, 1995

Running Time: 88 Minutes

Rated: “G”

Cast: Charles Farrington, Art Clokey, Gloria Clokey, Jerry Gerber, Manny La Carruba, Alice Young, Janet McDuff, Patti Morse, Bonnie Rudolph, and David Ozzie Ahlers.

Press Kit: When the Blockheads’ E-Z Loan company threatens to take away the farms belonging to the small farmers, Gumby and his band, the Clayboys, decide to have a benefit concert to save the farms. But when the Blockheads find out that Gumby’s dog, Lowbelly, cries pearls when he sees the Clayboys perform, they decide to kidnap Lowbelly and force him to cry pearls. When he does not respond, they kidnap Gumby and the Clayboys and create robotic clones of them. With the help of Pokey, Prickle, Goo’s fans, Tara, Ginger, and talent agent Lucky Claybert, Gumby takes on his robot clone and is still in time for his video tapping session. At a picnic, Gumby announces that he’s opening his own farm loan company. The Blockheads are forced to weed Gumby’s garden as punishment, and Gumby and Pokey decide that things are looking up for them as they head back to outer space.