American Nudist

Genre/Category: Romance

Director: Clinton H. Wallace

Producer: Clinton Wallace, Precious Hilton, and Tony Young

Writer: Tony Young and Clinton Wallace

Production Company: Photo Mundo, Hilton entertainment Group and Pacific Invasions Media

Country: US

Budget: $100K (Estimated)

DVD Release Date: 2011

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Cast: Precious Hilton, Alicia Arden, Magda Marcella, Tiffany Bowyer, Simmin Yu, Edwin A.Santos, Andrea Harrison, Tony T.L Young, Martin William Harris, Clinton H. Wallace, Tomi Ilic, Barry O’Rourke, Marta Zolynska, Josie Goldberg, Arielle Brachfeld, and Leigh Davis.

Press Kit: NUTURISM IS A LIFE STYLE ONLY FOR SOME BUT DEFINITELY NOT FOR ALL !!!!!!!!! An exciting look into the world of modern day naturism through the eyes of Taylor, an artist, photographer and screen writer who with his new-found muse, Jennifer, explore the bare essentials of this naked world through nudist parties, community gatherings, and organized events. Can you imagine what this adventure leads to? Find out!!!!!!!!.