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  President/Chief Executive Officer – Hilton Entertainment Group
  • PRECIOUS HILTON  – Chairman of the Board of the Real Estate Investment Company -  Hilton & Hilton Ventures Inc. Canada  and Global Quality Care Ltd. – another Real Estate Investment Company in the United States from 1997 – present.
  • She is also, the President/CEO of the Nursing Agency  – Compassionate Nursing Care  Inc. both in Canada and the United States.
  • Precious is the President/CEO of Hilton Entertainment Group – A Film Production and Film Distribution Company and she serves on the Board of Directors.
  • For Hilton Entertainment Group, Ms. Hilton served as the Executive Producer of  ”Violent Blue” a motion picture starring acclaimed European actress Silvia Suvadova.
  • Precious Hilton has served as “Executive Producer” of the “Obsession” a motion picture project featuring acclaimed actress Dominique Swain and actor James Duval.
  • Precious Hilton has served as an Executive Producer with Clinton H. Wallace and Greg Hatanaka on several Cineridge motion picture productions including “The Critic” and “American Nudist”.
  • Precious Hilton has structured new ventures and strategic alliances for Cineridge Entertainment and Photomundo International with many corporations that Ms. Hilton and the HILTON FAMILY  have been associated with over the years.

Precious Hilton has vast experience in business ventures through her involvement in many of the HILTON FAMILY business ventures.

Precious Hilton, as a very respected business entrepreneur, has a keen eye for structuring companies such as Hilton Entertainment Group and HILTON, LLC  that have enormous growth potential n the entertainment industry.


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