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Hilton Entertainment Group is a U.S. based Film Distribution and Production Company encompassing all media including Theatrical, DVD, Cable, TV and Internet, Streaming  Distribution. The company plans to distribute at least 20 films annually to many large venues including Amazon, Red Box, Netflix, etc.  The company’s hard work, reputation and experience have established it as one of the leading companies in the entertainment industry.


Hilton Entertainment Group has produced feature films that has A-List actors/actress such as Violent Blue.  The lead Actress is Silvia Suvadova, who is also the lead Actress of Polanski (Unauthorized) and a few other films.  She also won Academy Award for best actor of Foreign Film – Kolya in 1997.  HEG has produced other feature films such as American Nudist and Blue Dreams.    


Hilton Entertainment Group is a bona fide media Film Distribution Company and is a highly respected independent distribution company representing outside producers and other distributors globally.  HEG does whoelsale acquisitions and distribution at Film Markets such as Cannes, EFM and AFM and large Film Festival such as TIFF and NAPTE.  HEG currently has direct distribution with some large retail outlets such as Amazon and Trinity Broadcasting Network.  It also has distribution with a few cable and internet companies such as Blockbuster, Netflix,  Redbox, etc.

Precious Hilton

Founder and CEO

This fast growing company was founded by Actress/Producer PRECIOUS  HILTON.  Precious was born and raised in Guyana, South America.  She was educated in Guyana and worked as a Registered Nurse.  She then relocated to Canada, became a Canadian Citizen,  upgraded her nursing career and worked as a Registered Nurse in Toronto and Alberta.  She currently has 6 siblings and is blessed with 4 daughters and 1 son.  Filled with determination and perseverance she ventured out to the United States of America.  She lived in Midtown Manhattan, New York where she earned her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Nursing and worked as a Registered Nurse at the management level.   She then relocated to Los Angeles, California to expand in her acting and entertainment career.  She is now a well established Film Distributor and attends most film markets and film festivals.

Precious Hilton has Professional Affiliations with the following organizations:

She is a Member of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC);   Member of the Golden Key National Honor Society;   Alumni with Sigma Theta Tau – International Honor Society of Nursing;    A Member of the Dean’s List – CUNY – City University of New York;    A member of the Medical Reserve Group (MRG) Volunteer for Disaster;  She is  Commissioned by the state of California as a Notary Public” and she is an active member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) – Beverly Hills Chapter.

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Hilton Entertainment Group company works as a traditional distributor acquiring exclusive rights to a film for all media (theatrical, video, cable, television and internet streaming) for the domestic and international markets as well as offering distribution service deals to filmmakers.

If you are interested in placing your feature film or short film into either scenario, please see our submission policy on the Contact Us page.

Hilton Entertainment Group looks forward to bringing leading independent and international works to a new generation of audience and to the next level in the entertainment industry.



A Discerning audience should be able to access entertainment at an affordable cost.


Hilton Entertainment Group (HEG) is a full service Production and Distribution Company that is dedicated to the Production and Distribution of unconventional, high-end, ground breaking independent feature films for worldwide entertainment and enjoyment to a discerning global audience.


  1. To provide unique and high quality entertainment to a diverse and discerning audience.
  2. To ensure our audience has the most convenient access to media entertainment as delivered through multiple channels, platforms and windows.
  3. To effectively and aggressively utilize cutting edge technology to create a new innovative format in delivering high quality entertainment to the next level that would make a difference in the entertainment industry.
  4. To establish and promote talented filmmakers of all genres and diversity to help them achieve the recognition they deserve by utilizing all methods of delivering their products to a variety of audience.


  1. Our company – Hilton Entertainment Group, prides itself on its ability to attract original creative and business collaborators with an authentic voice.
  2. HEG with its creative, financial and technical infrastructure looks forward to joint ventures and partnerships with other production and distribution companies with an eye to develop, produce and distribute exceptional projects across a wide range of genres.
  3. With its years of experience, solid family background and extensive knowledge in the industry, HEG has a firm and reliable hand on the pulse of popular cultures:  classic, counter, urban, youth and the world of multi-platform entertainment.
  4. HEG recognizes the current economic and technological imperative that is driving the creative paradigm away from large studios producing and distributing the more relevant films. This allows HEG as an independent production and distribution company the unique opportunity of filling the content gap of various social, cultural, spiritual and political genres in films.
  5. HEG’s objective is to focus on films that touch and highlight various social, cultural, spiritual and political issues. Working with innovative minds/personnel, cutting edge technology and engaging material is what makes us a new and important voice. WE STAND OUT FROM THE REST AND REACH BEYOND THE BOURNDARIES OF TRADITION.

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